Why do we use animations?

Father and SonWell, let me re-phrase it slightly – “How do you reach a generation that listens with its eyes and thinks with its feelings?

We believe there is great power in the use of stories as humans have an actual dependence on various forms of fiction to understand truth.

Our minds explore all truths using the imagination first and foremost, and the imagination is quicked by metaphors and other fictional devices. Without them we often have difficult time visualising the truth.

Words cut loose from story are powerless to affect our imaginations and, therefore, our lives. Eugene Peterson, author of The Message, says:

“Words amputated from stories lose accuracy, lose colour and energy, congeal into god talk. They are flowers that fade and grow limp. For every theologian, we need five novelists to keep the language personally relational; for every biblical scholar we need another five novelists to keep the language participatory; for every church historian the church needs another five novelists to keep us aware that we are in the story.”

So that’s really our main aim: Use animations, film and media to tell the great story of salvation, to teach biblical truths, to encourage and bless others and to make known the message of hope for eternal life.

Key Ideas:

Christian Animations

A great resource for for all ages to learn more about God, the Bible and Christian living at home!

Sermon Illustrations

Use excerpts and clips from the DVDs in your church service or community groups!

World-wide delivery

We’re based in the UK and USA and are dedicated to post DVDs worldwide without extra cost!

Movie Night

Put on a special screening for your Sunday School or Youth Group then discuss the themes of the movie in groups.

Holiday Club

Use our DVDs and additional resources to organise a Christian Holiday Club for your church or school!

Share the DVDs with friends and family

The animations make great presents for birthdays,
Christmas and other occasions!

A great tool for evangelism!

Use the animations to tell other people about Jesus and to introduce them to the Bible!

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