The Sleuths and the Savior

Experience the beauty of the arrival of the savior

From The Smile Isles, the award-winning studio that brought you Tomorrrow’s Hollow and Paradise Parables, comes a brand new cartoon on DVD that will captivate the hearts, eyes, and ears of your entire family….. The Sleuths and the Savior.

Two remarkable young children are self-appointed sleuths in the Treehouse Detective Club. Their latest case? … Jesus Christ! Following ancient prophecies, witnessing stunning miracles, and racing around Jerusalem are all in a day’s work for these detectives. See for yourself the beauty of the arrival of the Savior, and the impact it had on our world.

The Sleuths and the Savior, the adventure of a lifetime.



My favourite Smile Isles feature animation to-date! December 7, 2010
By David Hutter

Here are some of my highlights:

  • I love the way it goes from black and white to colour. It’s really creative!
  • Retelling the story of Jesus as a 1930s detective story, with lots of clues and surprises is very unique.
  • It kept my attention span for all of the 18 minutes and I could have easily watched more of it… it’s fast-paced, has lots of content, doesn’t drag in any parts and is very varied.
  • I like the way some of the Old Testament prophecies that talk about Jesus are included.
  • Lighting is very, very good. It makes the animation look very detailed and professional.
  • I like the “Jump and Run” elements of your animation. They’re really fun and unique!
  • I love the way a lot of the environments are surreal, i.e. sky-scrappers in Jerusalem with tree houses on top, etc.
  • I like the diversity of the characters and the fact that some of the story happens in school. It places the original story in a contemporary setting allowing kids to relate to it…
  • I really like the special effects (eg. butterfly and particle systems).
  • Character animation is very, very good and varied and even the facial animations are very detailed.
  • There’s a ton of great music that is also very varied!
  • The Cinematography is very, very good. Lots of great camera angles, view points and framing!
  • It’s very well edited. and I believe Jesse’s story writing skills have made massive leaps forward.
  • Some great humour, e.g. I like the ultra-protective protector devices to protect thoughts!
  • I like the depth of field that Jesse has added. Make’s it look even more professional!
  • I like the textures and the cartoony feel it gives to the animation.

Well, all in all, I think I can learn a great deal from Jesse!! 🙂

Jesse McPeekArtist Profile: Jesse McPeek (Texas, USA)
Jesse loves making cartoons and loves God. It was only a matter of time before those two worlds collided! His desire is to reach the world with the Gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ. Not everyone will listen to a sermon or go to church… but most everyone will watch a cartoon. Jesse uses cartoons to reach others with the message that is so dear to his heart.
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DVD | Language: English | Regions: All Regions | Run Time: 18 minutes | Release Date: 2010 | Director: Jesse McPeek

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