It’s been a while since our last news blog, so it’s time to send you a further update on how things are going with HOPE Animation. Over the last few months we’ve been sending out hundreds of DVDs (mainly to the UK), but there’s also an increasing demand from countries abroad, especially Asia where churches request the DVDs as teaching material for their churches.

Many thanks to everyone who has pledged a donation as your support has helped us to cover postage for the parcels, which is critical as we operate as a very small start-up organisation from a livingroom in Canterbury.

Some of you have asked previously whether there are any promotional materials for the HOPE Animation website that you could use in your churches. At the moment, we only have a short DVD with all our film trailers set up in a menu but might be producing further materials in the future. Let me know if you would like a copy of the promotional DVD. Whilst I can post a copy to you, you can also download the DVD file and then burn yourself your own copy of the trailers.

Oh, and by the way, if you have any spare Jiffy Bags that we can recycle and use for sending out DVDs please get in touch too! 🙂

Ok, it’s time to finish this rather long newsletter with three comments that we have recently received about the animations. I hope they might inspire you to use the films for whereever you see fit.

“My 11 year old son and I saw Noah’s Ark and we were captivated. Thank you again. It’s brought to life this story for my son and I know your DVDs will impact my students in such a positive way.”

“Once again, many thanks for my copy of the Pilgrim’s Progress. It is a wonderful resource which has enhanced my understanding of my Christian journey, my youngest son has been watching the DVD almost every night since it arrived in our home, which also means that he is watching less of the Disney channel and the Simpsons.”

“We have shared the DVDs with a church leader (a person who is a biblical scholar) and he thought they were suitable for any age group and made no criticism only praise as you covered the areas where people usually nit pick.”