A big welcome to Jesse McPeek, a new artist on our Hope Animation site!! Jesse has produced some quality animations in the past and we’re excited to be able to add some of his short films to our multimedia library.

“The Gates of Heaven” is a short cartoon that is filled with laughs, fun, heart and hamburgers! The Gospel message is told by showing how a young boy tries to enter the Gates of Heaven using everything but the true way.

“Father and Son” and “The Patchwork King” are two of the Paradise Parables that are featured on a new DVD by Jesse McPeek with a total of 9 short movies. “Father and Son” features a very intimate conversation between Jesus and his father whilst on a fishing trip and “The Patchwork King” is a powerful parable about the impact of sin in our lives and the salvation that is available through God.

Watch the animation by creating your user account and please give us some feedback about how you like them.

If you like Jesse’s animations, please go to Jesse’s website and purchase the “Paradise Parables” or “Tomorrow’s Hollow” DVD from his webshop. It will help him to create more animated movies and maybe eventually enable him to create Christian animations full time! 🙂