Well Saturday was a great night. I think about 50 kids came to our church and all of them enjoyed the movie. The kids were between 4-10 and all enjoyed it equally. At the end many had questions, which i helped answered and some decided to accept Jesus into their hearts.

Again thanks for the movie. I attached the pictures we took of the night. Their not high quality pictures so I’m sorry if they don’t look so well. I would’ve taken more and i was even going to ask if someone had a better camera but since I’m in charge of the organization their … i was running back and forth making sure we would have enough food and drinks for after the movie.

After the movie some parents and teachers, who saw the movie, asked where did i get the movie and said they loved it as well. In all, movie night was a success and the kids had fun. Thanks again!

God Bless,
– Jennifer