Scott has recently completed work on a new computer game called “The desolate hope”. He has now made it available for free on his website

Other free games on the site include “The desolate room”, “Legacy of flan” and “Iffermoon”.

If you are into computer games, make sure to check out these games and please also pass on the link to your friends and your social network!

Whilst “The desolate hope” is not as straightforward of a Christian game as “The Pilgrim’s Progress“, it has a strong pro-life message: The hero, an automated coffeepot, spends the entire game trying to save the life of a discarded human embryo which was sent with other bio-samples to the abandoned space station where he resides.

We hope you enjoy the free games and their amazing, detailed graphics. Make sure though to send Scott some positive and encouraging comments if you enjoy his products. A lot of hard-work and effort has gone into the production of his games and animations. Getting positive feedback from people that enjoy his work will be a massive encouragement for him!

Here are some screenshots from the games… click on one of the icons to view the full image!

Scott CawtonArtist Profile: Scott Cawton (Texas, USA)
Scott Cawthon, a graduate of the Art Institute of Houston, Texas, is an independent animation producer living in Texas, USA. He is father of two children and has created several independent films, including Noah’s Ark, The Pilgrim’s Progress, A Christmas Journey and the Jesus Kids Club as well as the Pilgrim’s Progress Video game.
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