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More than anything else we want to see lifes transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are a few stories about real people that have been touched or impacted by our animations. We hope they will provide you with a glimpse about what we’re trying to achieve, encourage you and show you some of the fruit we’ve been bleseed with so far. For more comments also have a look at the What other people say page on our site.

Here’s a letter we’ve received from Linn Elliott, after ordering a copy of “The Pilgrim’s Progress”:

“I saw the Pilgrims Progress on UCB TV over Christmas 09 and saved it on sky player to show my 5 year old grandson when he visited, the problem was, it didn’t record the end.

Anyway, my son and his wife are not saved, and so Ben has not come from a bible believing background… However, he is at a school which still upholds prayer and assemblies.

I showed him the video on one of his stays with me. He watched it 3 times, over his stay, and every time Christian came to the foot of the cross, Ben cried. At the end of the week when his mum and dad came to collected him, he made them sit there and watch the video (something they would not have done for me). Again, when it came to the cross, Ben cried. When my daughter in law asked Ben, why he cried, he said because Jesus died for his sin.

Every time Ben has visited us he always wants to see the video of Pilgrims Progress.

I myself have since fallen foul to a disability and are unable to walk, so I have had more time to surf the net to find your wonderful Video.

I watched the Noah one last night and it was beautiful.

Ben can now see the end of Pilgrims Progress, and if the family permit, I will get another copy for him to keep at home.

Thank you for all your hard work. I pray The Lord will bless you richly, and continue to inspire you. I am aware of the time and effort that go into such projects, but can I encourage you to continue, I can’t wait for Joshua’s battles, and King David’s exploits. May God extend your time for you to fulfil all that you want to achieve, to the glory of His Kingdom.”

Another letter that has really encouraged us was from an elderly lady who had watched our film on UCB after her husband had died:

“Thank you so much for sending the DVD animation of Pilgrim’s Progress. I found it so helpful and encouraging having my husband in February going home to be with Jesus, my life felt like ashes, the DVD was part of my healing for going on and going forward with a joy and sur hope, that life is not an easy journey but keeping our eyes on Jesus we will make it. Friends have watched it with me and are encouraged too.”

Finally here’s a short report from Jeff Goodner, who helps us spread the word about our animations and website:

“Our Lord places His Spirit where all can find Him! As a great turn of events in Evangelism, Media is now growing to become the Largest accessed source of ‘Good News’ available from your finger tips. Upon sharing my recent job title with a non believing friend in India, he desired to view one of the videos upon which I market. This was an easy thing to accomplish… but there is more to this story than a non-believer’s free viewing of a Christian Video titled ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress.’ He told his friends about our website… and as Google Analytics informs us, there has been growing web activity of Hope Animation in India! I checked in with him again after a few weeks of sending him the film and the response was quite a miracle in itself. Read the email below…

‘The video is very interesting. So the story about Christian and how he starts his journey, is it mentioned in the bible? Sorry I feel really ignorant here (could you tell me more about the Bible)?’

Because of technology today and his family’s strong traditions in Hinduism, I was able to direct him to a ‘safe’ and ‘easily accessible’ Bible online. He desires to know about God and sought out other Christians in his friend-circle because this film was ‘interesting’ to him. I was able to respond to his email with background about the video and John Bunyan’s life and this book. God was able to lead him from there to His very Word!”

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