January 2015 Update

It’s been a long time since our last update and a lot of things have happened here. Work on new Christian animations for children has unfortunately stopped for a little while but quite a few other exciting opportunities have opened since.

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10 Commandments of story writing

Since I’ve embarked my journey into film making and animation I’ve been fascinated by what makes a good story a good story.

More games by Scott Cawthon

Over the years Scott Cawthon has produced many amazing and inspiring Christian animations and games such as “The Pilgrim’s Progress”, “Noah’s Ark” and “The Pilgrim’s Progress Video Game” that are available on our website.

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Evolution – a fairy tale for grown-ups?

It must have been very difficult to rationally defend the Christian world-view of creation during our parents and grandparents generation. Evolution was heralded as an establish fact that was not open for negotiation. During the last two decades however massive advances in science, philosophy and media have enabled Christians to make a strong scientific, rational and logical argument against Darwinian evolution.

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Who is the Scarlet Queen?

Occasionally I receive emails that ask for clarification about the some of the elements in the “Strawinsky and the mysterious house” animation. This week I had an email from Jackie who’s planning to use the animation in a study group and was wondering about the Scarlet Queen…

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Strawinsky and other new Christian animation projects

It’s been quite some time since my last update about Hope Animation. So here is some of the news…

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Animated labour of love gets red carpet treatment

The Kentish Express has written a short article about the Strawinsky animation premiere at Cineworld Ashford.

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Strawinsky Movie Premiere!

As many of you might already know, I’ve been creating a Christian animated movie for the last few years in my spare time. I’m very excited that it’s all finished now and wanted to invite you to the premiere screening of the animation!

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Superbook DVD Club

After posting our articles about the new Superbook series, we have been asked by quite a few people how to purchase a copy of the Superbook DVDs.

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Facebook Competition

Join us on the Hope Animation Facebook page and win some amazing prices!

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Riveting Game With A Message

For those still wondering whether to purchase a copy of the Pilgrim’s Progress Game here’s an interesting review of the game.

Pilgrim’s Progress Strategy Guide

A very detailed, in-depth strategy guide for the Pilgrim’s Progress Video Game.

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