Phil Vischer, creater of VeggieTales, is currently working on a new project: a Christian Kids TV network. Here are a few comments from Phil about the project:

“Everyone recognizes that churches can only do so much with the 1 hour per week they get with their kids, and having an ally like JellyTelly that can continue to reinforce those lessons every single day is extremely appealing.  We’re even exploring techniques that might allow churches to customize JellyTelly content to match what they’re teaching to their own kids, so we’d be literally reinforcing what they heard on Sunday every day of the week.  “Connecting the dots” between Sundays is a major goal here, and working with some of these larger churches who reach thousands of families and have the resources to even produce their own content for JellyTelly…

Every day on JellyTelly kids can watch 20 minutes of “mini” TV shows and play online games while learning about the Bible and their faith. Biblical illiteracy is a huge problem in the church, and we think we can help address it in the same way Sesame Street tackled basic literacy back in the 60s and 70s.

Beyond that, by collaborating with other Christian producers we are planting the seed for what could become an alternative to Nickelodeon® and the Disney Channel® – a tiny kids network that can help raise the next generation of Christians while launching the next generation of Christian storytellers.  It’s an exciting time – the most fun I’ve had since we launched VeggieTales® out of a spare bedroom way back in 1993!”