As you might already know, I’ve launched the new “Strawinsky and the mysterious house” movie in December. Since then I spent quite a bit of time spreading the word about the animation by sending it off to various publishers, reviewers, etc.

We had some great feedback:

I’ve reviewed your DVD today and also read through your notes which I found fascinating as a history of your journey so far. […] I’ve not see such high quality animation from a UK based originator before which I think is a great testimony to your diligence and skill as an animator. You should definitely pursue this avenue as you obviously have a considerable passion for it. The animal characters are adorable and I like the way you have tried to keep authenticity in their movements for example with the rabbit hopping along. The story hangs together quite well and there is enough to keep a young mind engaged for the whole 30 minutes.
– Malcolm Down, Authentic Media

Congratulations! What an amazing achievement, it was such a great evening, and a very thought provoking film, I can’t wait to show it to children at school and hear their reaction! We’re working on inference and deduction, should be a great place to start discussion!
– Anna Haasjes

Just to say again how much of loved your film. We’ve seen it couple of times at home since! I’ve just finished reading the booklet – great to know the story behind the film (and the man!). So impressed by your vision and dedication, and also challenged to think about my media consumption! 
– Debbie Turnbull

My grandbabies and I watched it last evening.  They were so excited to have a new movie. What a delightful story and adorable animation.  Well done.  My grandbabies (7 and 5) loved all the characters.  The duration of the movie was perfect for short attention spans!  “Let’s watch it again!” is what they said when it was over. 
– Barbara Bradley

If you haven’t watched the film yet, you can also order a DVD on – or if you’d rather watch it online, it’s now available on Vimeo On Demand:

As part of the launch, we had a premiere at our local cinema – watch the short trailer about the launch at Many thanks to Mel Findlay for her work on this!

I’m now thinking and praying about next steps. I’m also taking active steps towards being able to produce more animations at better quality in less time. One of the ideas is to create much shorter clips both in 3d and 2d and release new content every few weeks. There are quite a few interesting projects in the pipeline that I’m planning to tell you about very soon…

I’ve setup a Twitter account at if you want to be updated that way. Alternatively, I’m planning to send more regular updates via our Facebook page:

If you could post a link to the Strawinsky site on any of your social networking profiles or via email – that would be great! One of my main struggles at the moment is spreading the word about the sites.

If you’d like to pray then here are a few additional prayer requests:

  • Doors to open for the distribution of Strawinsky
  • Finance for a new computer to speed up render times (my current animation computer is now five years old – and sounds like a helicopter with all its fans and coolers)
  • Good time management, patience, perseverance and a clear vision about the next steps

God bless,

David Hutter