About one year ago we launched our first Hope Animation website to offer our animations as traditional DVDs. Since then we’ve posted about 800 DVDs to 5 different continents. As this turned out to take a lot of time and money we’ve decided that it’s now time to move the site a step further and allow you to watch the animations in good quailty online in our FREE members area.

There is a lot of new content and the facility for us to add many more animations, stories, games and presentations to this site and you can now also interact with us, other visitors and the site through the discussion forum and comments pages. So, please let us know your feedback about the useablity, content and your experience of using this site. It’s always a great encouragement for us to hear from you!!

We hope we’ve managed to plant a tiny little seed here that God might want to use and grow. We don’t have a five year plan or a major strategy document. Nevertheless, we aim to be wise in how we spend our time and resources and can’t wait to see how this develops and what God has next for us in store.

In the meantime I guess it’s now time for us to get back to our workstations and renderfarms to produce some more content, work on our skills and make friends with more artists and animators… Enjoy the new site and please do get in touch with us about your comments and feedback!