Here are a few ideas that you might want to use for using “Pilgrim’s Progress” as a teaching resource for your Sunday School or Summer Activity Week. We’re very much indebted to Barbara Clayton who has come up with the ideas when organising and planning a Summer Activity programme in Lancashire, UK.

Here are her comments about the week:

“We started it when the school broke up for the summer and went into September by 3 weeks! The children really enjoyed it, especially the older groups (6 yrs – 12 yrs). I have also enclosed some photos of the things the children made.

The last week as I have already mentioned we went into “big” church and showed the work the children had done and talked them through it with questions and answer. (I asked questions and the children would answer!)

The older group did a little drama from Vanity fair with the script from the DVD. Altogether we had a great time. The children learnt some biblical truths and enjoyed the craft work.

The teachers, me especially , got a lot from the experience and the fellowship were very surprised at how much their children had taken in!

I do hope you can understand the ideas pages! I have sent them with the little notes on which I think helps you realise what was involved.”

Make sure to download the resource ideas below:

Download Pilgrim’s Progress Holiday Club Resource