I’ve just received the latest newsletter from UCB (United Christian Broadcasters), the leading Christian Media Organisation in the UK. It’s really exciting and encouraging to hear what is happening in the UK and the prospect of revival coming back to the United Kingdom! Here’s the message from Ian Mackie, the Chief Executive from UCB:

“I am still ‘pinching myself’ that 23 years after starting UCB and embracing the vision for national Christian Radio to the UK and Ireland the 1st promise has been fulfilled and the 2nd promise that revival would follow is now before us! God said to me:

‘I love the people of the UK and I want to reach them with the Gospel message through national Christian radio. The reason I want it is: I’m going to visit this nation once again in revival power and this revival is going to be so big that the churches won’t be able to cope with it. I want Christian radio to be there, covering the whole nation, so that when these new believers lose their peace, when they become anxious and fearful, when they have doubts, whether it be three o’clock in the afternoon or three o’clock in the morning, they will be able to switch on the radio and they’ll be able to hear My Word and uplifting music. They will be able to find encouragement, their anxiety will disappear, their peace will come back, and they will be able to experience My love once again.’

Through faith, prayer, hard work and your faithful support, the first part of this vision is now, at last, a reality.

We are now working tirelessly to ensure that we can support, nurture and encourage the new believers who will be brought to us when revival comes. This means we must:

– ensure that national UCB DAB Radio continues to broadcast
– strengthen and expand our Prayerline into a 24 hour service
– provide great quality resources to non-believers through initiatives such as Book of Hope, Bag of Hope and LookingforGod.com
– continue blessing the lives of millions through ‘The Word for Today’, Christian Radio and TV.

Thank you for standing with us and for your commitment to support UCB during 2010. God is moving, preparing us for the challenges ahead as well as the expansion of our charity to cope with the increasing responses. I would like to invite you to stand with us during these eventful times, by making a financial commitment to our ministry. Please continue to pray for our ministry, and ask God to use us in the best way possible as He prepares our nation for revival.”