As some of you might know I’ve been working for the last three years on my first feature animation called “Strawinsky and the mysterious house.”

The story is inspired by the works, writing and style of C.S.Lewis (e.g. the Chronicles of Narnia), animated classic Walt Disney musicals (e.g. Beauty and the beast, Lion King, Little Mermaid) and draws a lot on the parables told by Jesus Christ.

It is a fast paced story with lots of twists and turns and includes 6 catchy, Disney style songs that break up the story and add a further level of depth to the animation.

I’m very excited that the animation is now finished and I’m currently in post-production working on the audio, sound effects, trailer and website.

In order to release the animation on DVD and BluRay I will now need to raise about £2,500 – £3000 for production, licensing and software costs. If you would like to help me reach this goal to get the movie released please go to our webshop and order a copy of one of our DVDs or the newly released Pilgrim’s Progress Game! Alternatively, if you feel prompted to support this project with a donation, you can also do this via the donation buttons on the right hand side. 😛

I’ve included some draft cover designs for the animation with this post to give you a small impression on the look and feel of the animation…

Please pass on the links to our website to any of your friends that you think might be interested in this animation or Christian movies, animations and games in general! Our Google ranking is not that great yet, so we do rely on people telling other people about this project…

Many thanks and God bless,

David Hutter